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April 20 May 10

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May 10

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May 15

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June 4

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May 20

Manuscript Submission Deadline:
June 29     July 18

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ISUPTW History

Topical Meeting

DATE: 8/21/2019

Topics may include,but are not limited to:

Symposium I: Terahertz science and technology

  1. THz integrated device
  2. THz generation, propagation and detection
  3. THz phenomena under extreme conductions
  4. THz novel materials, including spintronics, and metastructures
  5. THz novel technology
  6. THz modulation, communication and imaging
  7. Application of THz wave on biology, medicine, material, environment, etc.

Symposium II: Ultrafast phenomena

  1. Ultrafast science and technology
  2. Ultrafast phenomena in micro and nano-structures
  3. High-speed diagnosis, high-speed imaging, and high-speed data processing etc.
  4. High-field physics and attosecond science
  5. Ultra-high intensity laser and its application

Forum: Young Scientists Forum

  1. Tutorials on ultrafast phenomena and terahertz waves
  2. Meeting with editors of top optics journals and terahertz books
  3. Discussion on terahertz future with young scientists
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